I could end up looking worse than this after the trek!

That’s me, Martyn, a 58 year old Brit throwing himself into yet another adventure. I did ask my wife Lyn and dog Alfie to join me but this time the answer was a resounding “you must be kidding – your on your own this time sunshine!” Still I do have her unrelenting support and encouragement (plus licks from the dog) and we will be meeting up aboimg_0163ut half way so she can experience some of the pain I’ve been going through.

I’ve been asked loads of times why I’m doing this and to be honest there’s no earth shattering reason or drive to “find myself” – quite simply I like to throw myself in at the deep end and I do have a passion for the outdoors and generally messing around in the wilds. I will admit to getting the initial spark from the film Wild like so many of my fellow hikers but from there the thrill of the adventure took over. I’ve arranged to take a sabbatical from my various business ventures and am winding down some of my longer term interests to accommodate the time away.

What am I concerned about other than snakes, bears, mountain lions, snow, excessive heat, thunder, lightning, the dark? Most likely making a complete prat of myself by tripping over on the first day and being airlifted off the trail. So there you go I’ve already scared my self to death before I’ve even started.

Wish me luck and post to me as often as you wish with encouragement rather than criticism!

And finally check out all the other pages via the menu. I’ve written these as an aid to others who may decide to follow in my footsteps and aimed to show the thought process and decision making I’ve been through to get to the start of my trek.